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A Note From Nort...

Hello Chamber Partners!  This column topic seemed to be tougher than usual to come up with.  I think as we have witnessed our friends and businesses struggle while doing our best to manage our own organizations decimated budgets while enduring the angst of nationwide civil unrest a certain mental fatigue sets in.  Thankfully, there’s a fix for that.  Celebrating successes and honoring excellence always gives an emotional boost so the timing for our Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce Business Awards is perfect!


We as staff have had the uplifting task of notifying nominees and winners over the last week.  It’s gratifying to hear and see the reactions from winners.  While seeing the smiles through a mask is seemingly difficult, that giveaway lift of the cheeks and the brightness in someone’s eyes as you explain that they have been nominated for their good work is obvious.  Sometimes as the meaning of the honor sets in I notice eyes become a bit shiny, then a tear builds up in the corner quickly followed by a timid chuckle and a ½ turn away as they subtly wipe it away with their wrist.  It’s infectious I guess because I feel my eyes well up with both pride and happiness for the honorees.


Like most of you I have been employed for most of my life and I take pride in what I do.  Mowing lawns, stocking grocery store shelves, stacking newspapers early in life taught me the values of working hard and working nice.  Yes, nice.  I’ve learned that being nice does a lot for one’s peace of mind, earns the respect of those who know you and those you’ve just met.  And niceness opens doors.  Those doors lead to friendships, personal growth, promotions and opportunities.  As all those benefits come together and are shared in the workplace businesses take on that same persona.  Add innovation to the mix and that’s a recipe for respected success.


Please join us for the 2020 Business Awards Luncheon on October 1st.  You’ll see and hear stories that will inspire you and boost your pride in our Faribault business community while supporting your peers and you Chamber.  That’s another winning recipe!



Nort Johnson

President / CEO

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