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Suzanne Terry

Suzanne Terry

The Faribault Chamber of Commerce mission statement reads, "Our mission is to strengthen and promote our members by building community alliances and working as business advocates, making Faribault an even greater place to visit work and live."


The Faribault Chamber lives up to and beyond that statement.  It does more than benefit our members, it benefits the entire Faribault community.  Beyond working tirelessly to promote business growth, build member relationships, and provide high quality member services, the Faribault Chamber forms productive and meaningful relationships with local schools, the industrial sector, health care systems, agribusiness, non-profits, government officials, and more.  The relationships and reach of the Faribault Chamber stretch well beyond the Faribault borders. Our award-winning Chamber is being noticed and it is blazing a trail for other chambers in Minnesota to follow.


The dedication and commitment of the Faribault Chamber staff is exemplary.  Nort Johnson, Kelly Nygaard, and Casie Steeves work beyond the M-F work week.  They work evenings and weekends to plan, coordinate, and attend meetings and events.  Also noteworthy, are the Faribault Chamber Board and committee members, for their time and commitment serving behind the scenes. They are unpaid volunteers with a shared passion for a successful Chamber and a flourishing Faribault.


The Faribault Chamber played a crucial role in forming The Vision Taskforce (VTF).  The VTF thoughtfully mapped out principal priorities that have and will make Faribault a greater place to visit work and live. The VTF is comprised of local business and community leaders with the goal of implementing aspects of the Community Vision 2040. The focus of the VTF is on five primary areas which are excellence in education, housing development, a leadership collaboration around economic development, a fabulous downtown, and gateway/monument signage.


Excellence in education was and continues to be a top priority. A great example is the H2C – High School to College & Career program which puts students on a pathway to success in healthcare.  The goal is to expand to other careers.


Affordable housing has reached vital importance and an affordable housing committee is exploring multiple options to tackle this growing issue.  We are thinking outside the box to arrive at solutions for affordable home ownership in Faribault.


Revitalizing our downtown is also of vital importance.  Major plans are in motion to move this initiative forward.  The anticipation and excitement around this are palpable!


100 years ago the world was dragging itself out of a world pandemic, a world war, and a depression.  The Faribault Chamber of Commerce was being formed during that turbulent timeframe. Businesses needed to join forces to support each other, and the Faribault community, if they were to prosper. I imagine they faced many obstacles... and overcame them.


Through another set of challenges and another world pandemic, the important work of the Faribault Chamber of Commerce presses forward. We do so because we have a wonderful, well thought itinerary. We have a roadmap. And we have a cool station wagon!  As quoted by Most Rev. Michael B. Curry "We get stronger as the burden gets heavier."


Suzanne Terry

2021/2022 Faribault Chamber of Commerce Board Chair



To learn more about serving on The Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, or any of the initiatives above, please contact our President / CEO, NORT JOHNSON  or Operations Director, CASIE STEEVES

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