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Nort Note

It’s a busy and FUN week here in Faribault with Heritage Days ’22 in full swing! What a great job getting this celebration together by the Heritage Days Committee. For Faribault’s 150th Anniversary of Incorporation some extra fun has been added to include a super-sized fireworks display at Alexander Park on Wednesday the 15th at 10:00PM. Click here for the full schedule of activities!


During this week the Chamber has the privilege to help host a delegation from our German sister city of Wurzburg this week. Lord Mayor Mr. Christian Schuchart, Councilor Ms Sandra Vorlova and Ms Anuschka Heid from the International Office of Wurzburg will be joining many of the Heritage Days ceremonies and activities during the week.


The relationship with Wurzburg is an example of Faribault’s history of looking out for others. Bishop Henry Whipple and Alexander Faribault played a key role in supporting innocent and coerced Native Americans. In fact – their advocacy helped save 265 Dakotas from the gallows. Alexander Faribault donated land to the State of Minnesota to make homes for the State Academies for the Deaf, Blind and otherwise compromised citizens. There are many other stories of how Faribault is a genuinely kind and caring community in our very roots. This excerpt from Wurzburg Online explains how our sister city relationship began.



Foster town - Faribault, Minnesota, USA

Foster town since 1949

Population : 23,400


Adoption? In the hard post-war years 1947 to 1950, Dorothy Beebe, the wife of the general of the Military Post Würzburg and president of the American women’s club, managed to found an aid program with Faribault’s citizens for the children of Würzburg, who were needy due to the aftermath of the war.


On 28 April 1949, the city of Faribault announced officially the adoption of Würzburg with the signing of the document by their mayor.


Würzburg has thanked Dorothy Beebe for her exceptional commitment by giving her a wedding cup. This wedding cup was given back to the City of Würzburg in September 2005 by the Beebe’s son – as a sign of our shared past!


The Chamber is proud to be serving this community. We’re working hard to do our part in continuing the great American Story of Faribault, Minnesota.

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