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A note from Casie...

On August 1st, three teams lead by our staffers and members of the Board of Directors, Ambassadors and 507connect-ers embarked on a goal of obtaining 40 new members!  

Together, with our many committees, and under the direction of our Board of Directors, The Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism strives to make Faribault a great place to work, live and visit. An underlying goal of the Faribault Chamber is to provide its members with access, connections, referrals, coaching and so much more, (such as our progressive and impactful, Visionary Agenda). New revenue means we can continue our Visionary Agenda, making meaningful contributions to the business community for Future Faribault.

“What’s in it for me?” and “what the heck is a chamber of commerce” are probably, the most frequently asked questions. I’m asked that at least daily, whether by a prospective member or a business that’s been a Chamber member for many years! Read below for the cliff-notes version of the answers below!


What is a Chamber and what do they do?

A chamber of commerce is one of the oldest, most well-recognized brands, yet it’s often misunderstood and evokes a plethora of questions. What exactly is the chamber of commerce?

There is a common joke statement in our industry, “if you’ve seen one chamber, you’ve seen one Chamber”, and while that is 100% true, the standard definition is: A Chamber of Commerce is a form of business network, whose goal is to further the interests of businesses and promote the business community. Chambers provide myriad resources to business and communities. They are catalysts, creating a vehicle through which professional people and businesses can work for the common good of their communities. As a lifelong resident of Faribault, (cheers to 35 years!), the last line is meaningful, and I’ve truly seen change and am humbled to play a tiny role in it.


What’s in it for me?

Networking, exposure, support and involvement top the list of most valuable chamber benefits.


For many of our members, chamber membership is an excellent opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals, develop strong professional bonds — often friendships — and grow your business via awareness and exposure.

Note: Did you know that not just business owners and managers, but everyone who works at a member business are welcome at our Business Before Hours and Chamber Mixer events?


Newsletters, website listings, free and paid advertising, ribbon cuttings and shout outs are just a smidgen of the ways the Chamber highlights your business and increases your visibility.

Have a milestone? Let us know. We love to celebrate the success of our partners as well as community happenings. Teach us all by hosting a member expert event where members learn from members.


Another important benefit of chamber membership is our involvement in government. It helps give businesses a stronger voice on issues that affect them, their employees and their clients.

The collective voice of our members allows us to reach common goals, as well as advocate for education, healthcare, bond issues and more on local, county and state levels. Together, we are more powerful and can shape the policies for our youth and future business leaders.

In addition, each member — one-person operations as well as our many large businesses, receives perks that the might not otherwise have, such as workforce training and easy access to community involvement. Most importantly, chamber members have access to the knowledge and experience of fellow chamber members.


Have more questions about Chamber membership? Contact us! Otherwise, one of our teams will be in touch with you!

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