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2022 Elections: State Senate, District 19

The Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism wants you to be knowledgeable on local candidates for the 2020 election. We've put together a series of videos based on questions important to the community, and have invited all candidates to participate.

Introduction AND Why are you running for State Senate?

 State Government failed to pass a number of measures last session that are important to the business community. Why do you think that happened?

Historic tax credits are an important tool for our downtown revitalization efforts and were not renewed last session. What are your thoughts on Historic Tax Credits?

 When have you shown independence from your party on a major issue?

 How would you feel about legislative action that would promote a more equitable “per student funding” formula for public schools?

 Counties and the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services are under scrutiny for poor oversight of benefits programs. What are your thoughts on this scrutiny? What should be done to ensure assistance programs are not being taken advantage of?

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