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2020 Election Videos – City Council & Mayor

The Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism wants you to be knowledgable on local candidates for the 2020 election. We've put together a series of videos based on questions important to the community, and have invited all candidates to participate.


City Council Question 1:  Why are you rinning for Faribault City Council and why do you feel you are qualified?


City Council Question 2: What are your goals for the City of Faribault, specifically relating to the 2040 vision?


City Council Question 3: What is your take on housing needs in Faribault and how do we inspire more home ownership opportunities?


City Council Question 4: What do you consider the biggets opportunity for improvement for Faribault that the City Council can tackle?


City Council Question 5:

Do you support the County Road 9/35 W Interchange project? Why or Why not?


City Council Final Statement:


Mayor Candidate Question Responses:


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