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ALERT: DoorDash


DoorDash is here in Faribault and has caused some confusion from both consumers and partners in our community.

DoorDash is an independent-contractor based food delivery service. This service, charges customers a fee for delivery from local restaurants, (even if they already have deliver as part of their product offering) Merchants are not paid at the time of service, however on a weekly & commission base, to assist with independent contractor delivery driver safety.  Many of our local restaurants have been included on the listing without knowledge, please check here to see if you are listed.



Pros and Cons exist with this service, therefore each business should decide if this is a platform that works for them. Below is a list of links to resources on how to add yourself, remove yourself as well as some frequently asked questions and an overview from the company.


To learn more about Doordash’s features and programming, click here

 Link to FAQ about Doordash

 If you would like to remove your listing, click here


ALERT: DoorDash

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